Use Social Media Strategy to Make Your Site a Busy Place

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The great thing about your website is that you are in control. You control every user experience. You don’t have that control on social media, but you do have control of how you use social media to spread your brand; you can also have some control over the conversation that occurs on your social media pages; and, most important, you can use social media to bring in traffic.

Understanding the Platforms

This is how you want to use each social media platform:

  1. Facebook: This is the perfect place for your business page to engage followers, to post events and sales, to have a “joke of the day,” or some other compelling reason for people to “like” your page. When they “like” that page, your updates will always appear on their news feeds for their friends to “like” and “share.” Spread, spread, spread!
  2. LinkedIn: Here is where you connect with other professionals, do some important networking, and show of your products/services and your team members
  3. Twitter: Use this platform for announcements and audience interactions. Ask a question, announce a special discount or event, link to a coupon, a blog post, etc.
  4. Instagram: Pictures engage people. Post shots of your latest products or customers using your product/service. Post photos of you and your team engaged in a community event.
  5. YouTube: Here is the place for your DIY or “How To” videos

Integrating Your Blog

If you really focus on great content in those blog posts, readers will come often to see what you have to say and they will click those “share” buttons. This is like free advertising for you, so understand how absolutely important your blog posts are.

Place those sharing buttons in a prominent place or, better, have a floating panel of buttons that unobtrusively follows down the page as they continue to read – a constant reminder that they can click that button at any time. Putting that button only at the end assumes that every reader is going to read all the way through – this does not always happen. If you have it only at the top, they’ll forget.

Encouraging Comments and Conversations

You can of course ask for comments and feedback at the end of your blog posts, and you should. This engages your followers, lets them ask questions, and, when you respond, turns you into a “real person,” not just a business owner. You can do the same on your Facebook page. Access it daily to post new stuff, and respond to any comments you find.

Here’s another tip. Go through blogs of related niches. Read specific posts, and, if you can provide some really good information or comment in a humorous (but nice) way, do so, and include a link to your site in your comment. For example, you sell shoes. You get on a blog of a site that sells women’s clothing. If you find an outfit photo on the blog, comment that you have the perfect pair of shoes to go with it. Do the same thing on Facebook!

The Whole Team Must Engage

All team members should be involved in social media brand spreading. They have their own accounts, and they should be sharing cool stuff about their workplace, about new products or services; they should be posting photos of the team at work and at play. This really needs to be a group effort.

Go Forth!

Social media has become more important than ever before, and you cannot ignore it. Embrace it, and, better use it to your advantage. There is a wealth of free advertising at your disposal, if you stay engaged, and a continuing venue for you to establish solid relationships with readers and followers.