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Essay Thinker is a full service writing agency. We offer academic writing services including research papers, essays, scholarship essays, lab reports, book reports, research summaries, thesis & dissertation assistance, and more. We also provide resume and copywriting services. We are happy to help with your CV or Resume. We also provide web content, blogging, press releases, and other business writing services.


You can count on us for privacy and discretion. First, we take every step to keep your personal information safe. It won’t be misused or sold to third parties. We store all data on secured servers. Your financial data is just as safe. We use a secure SSL processor for all transactions. Finally, we treat your relationship with us with absolute confidentiality.


You won’t find better writers anywhere else! Every writer we hire has an advanced degree from an accredited college or university. Our writers are native English speakers who undergo intensive screening and training before they are allowed to work for our customers. Because writers rank us among the best writing services, we attract only those who are truly the best.

Here’s What Happens We Work With Various Papers

We Help You Avoid Mistakes

Sometimes the differences between one letter grade and the next can depend on the smallest things. A few spelling errors, a comma splice, or other mistakes can turn an A paper into a B+ paper. If you are a student whose GPA is right on the line, or you really need to ace an assignment, that’s a really big deal. These issues can also mean the difference between getting published or not, or between impressing an admissions committee or not.

This is not the time to hope that spell checker and your own eyes are good enough. Instead, the wise choice is to hire Essay Thinker to edit your paper. We provide this service so you can turn your papers in with confidence.

Editing Essays And Other Academic Papers

If you aren’t very confident about your writing, editing can really help. For example, if you find yourself struggling to find the right way to phrase things, or you worry that your writing might be a bit awkward, a great professional editor can make your writing more clear and concise. Our editors will take the ideas you are trying to express, then they will polish and perfect them. This is something we can do with dry, factual material, and with essays intended to express emotion.

If you’ve never used editing services before, that is the job of the editor. They help you to communicate your thoughts and points to your audience. We don’t simply fix errors. We will work directly with you to learn your goals, and then to modify your paper so that you get exactly what you want. This might include changing sentence structure, taking text out, adding text, changing wording, and making other changes.

We like to encourage our customers to compare their original with the final edited version. You are sure to be absolutely impressed by the level of improvement that you see.

Proofreading Papers For You

Under the umbrella of our editing services, we also offer proofreading. As you know, at the college level, there is no room or tolerance for mistakes. You can quickly lose points when instructors see spelling, formatting, grammatical, and other errors. This can lead to poor grades, or even cause your work to be rejected. If you are trying to advance your research, get published, or gain admission into a specific program, that’s something that can be nearly impossible to recover from. It’s also really embarrassing.

This is why our proofreaders are committed to being thorough. They will fix all of the mistakes in any academic paper. What you will receive is a paper that is virtually error-free. Not only will you reduce the risk of losing points, your readers will focus on what you have to say instead of your mistakes.

What Our Customers SayWhat Our Customers Say

A. Valerio, Oceanside, USA Essays on different subjects, 23 pages (in general), 4 days, High School May 02, 21

I had so much fun at my birthday party that totally forgot about all my school tasks. At first, I tried to do everything on my own, but after 2 days I realized that all my efforts were a simple waste of time. I ordered all my essay papers with you and felt relaxed.

Rory, Chicago, USA Essay, History, 4 pages, 6 days, High School Sep 19, 21

Essay Thinkers are extremely good and very professional. Each time I have utilized the service, it has been flawless. I recommended it to a friend of mine, and this service has helped him tremendously as well. Great Writers!!!!

Helen J, Urbandale, USA Essay, Politics, 5 pages, 8 days, Undergraduate Feb 19, 21

Your company pays a lot of attention to the customers. It is so nice when you feel that the company is not going to let you down. Your support is something special. They always can answer all your questions! Even on holidays!

Dianna, Ottawa, Canada Essay, Sociology, 7 pages, 4 days, Graduate Feb 02, 21

Fantastic service. You assigned the writer for my order in 20 minutes! And, believe me, the topic was complicated. Thank you so much!

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    Here’s What Happens Bring Your Paper and We Will Make It Shine

    Academic Paper Formatting

    Every citation format has specific rules that you must follow. This dictates how your paper is laid out, the order in which things must appear, the font you use, and so many other factors. To write a successful paper,  you must adhere to these rules. This means remembering every single detail. If you use our editing and proofreading services, this is no longer a concern. Our editing staff will double check your document to ensure that it adheres to the rules of the citation format you are using.

    Your Editing Options

    We are happy to offer you a few different options when you order proofreading and editing services. First, we offer these as a standalone service. This means that you are free to send us a document to be edited and proofread. All you have to do is place your order and upload the document(s) in question. We will then assign an editor to your order who will work with you directly.

    If you order our writing services, you may order editing and proofreading as an additional service. To be clear, all of the papers we right do undergo a QA review that includes a basic error check, originality check, and compares the paper to your instructions. However, if you order editing services, the process is much more thorough and is completed by one of our editors.

    Business Editing And Proofreading

    All of our editing and proofreading services are available to business customers and job seekers. We are happy to edit press releases, web content, blog posts, and any other content you have created for your business. If you are searching for a job, we will edit and proofread your resume, CV, and cover letters.

    Our Talented Editors

    We hire our editors and proofreaders from our existing pool of writers. Many come to us with professional editing experience. Others show that they are thorough and have an eye for detail. When they apply to be members of our editing team, they go through a training program that covers proofreading, editing, quality assurance checking, and advanced research and fact-checking.

    Only editors who prove they are exceptionally talented are allowed to work on premium projects. This means the person editing your paper has more than proven their abilities.


    • Type:PDF
    • Size:244.73 kB
    • Number of pages:2
    • Urgency:4 days
    • Academic level:Undergraduate
    • Subject area:History
    Settings In the Lake of the Woods
    • Type:PDF
    • Size:238.66 kB
    • Number of pages:3
    • Urgency:4 days
    • Academic level:Undergraduate
    • Subject area:History
    Recidivism Among Sex Offenders
    • Type:PDF
    • Size:389.68 kB
    • Number of pages:6
    • Urgency:10 days
    • Academic level:Undergraduate
    • Subject area:Psychology
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