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Essay Thinker is a full service writing agency. We offer academic writing services including research papers, essays, scholarship essays, lab reports, book reports, research summaries, thesis & dissertation assistance, and more. We also provide resume and copywriting services. We are happy to help with your CV or Resume. We also provide web content, blogging, press releases, and other business writing services.


You can count on us for privacy and discretion. First, we take every step to keep your personal information safe. It won’t be misused or sold to third parties. We store all data on secured servers. Your financial data is just as safe. We use a secure SSL processor for all transactions. Finally, we treat your relationship with us with absolute confidentiality.


You won’t find better writers anywhere else! Every writer we hire has an advanced degree from an accredited college or university. Our writers are native English speakers who undergo intensive screening and training before they are allowed to work for our customers. Because writers rank us among the best writing services, we attract only those who are truly the best.

Here’s What Happens Quick Help With Your Writing

Essay Thinker Has Your Solution

No one wants to submit a bad piece of writing to someone else for a grade, evaluation, or acceptance. This goes for students, business leaders, researchers, and copywriters – anyone who prepares a written piece that someone else will be reading. We can help anyone. We have a variety of editing and proofreading teams, for a variety of needs that our customers have.

Academic Proofreading

Many students consider it unfair that they have to be English students in every course, but the fact is they must. Instructors expect a paper in biology, history, business, or the arts to hold more than just scholarly content. They expect it to be well-written, in formal English, with no grammatical or mechanical errors.

This can be a challenge for students who are not skilled writers, and for ESL students whose mastery of grammar is not competitive with native speakers.

We have English grammarian experts who will review every sentence, word, and piece of punctuation, and make all of the corrections necessary, so that your piece of writing is polished and free of any pesky errors that would cause instructors to lower your grade.

For graduate students with major research project write-ups, we will always assign a field area specialist for proofreading tasks. They know the terminology; they can check your graphs and charts; they will ensure that there is consistency in headings, other formatting requirements, reference citations, and any other of the pesky elements that have to be perfect.

Business Proofreading

Important reports, letters, marketing materials, brochures, presentations, etc. must be professional in every respect. You never know what kind of “grammar policeman” may be reading them. It projects a bad image if your grammar and punctuation is bad and noticed by others, especially your superiors and clients.

Because your reputation is at stake, make sure that everything seen by others is perfectly written. Ship it on over to us, and our proofreaders will make sure it is polished and ready.

What Our Customers SayWhat Our Customers Say

Constance, Newark, USA Paper, Literature, 12 pages, 5 days, Undergraduate May 05, 21

I had so many requirements and now I’m happy that you’ve met all of them. Though you revised my paper one time, my final version was so well-written! Thank you, Essay Thinker!

Christopher V. Davis, Anaheim, USA Homework assignment, 8 hours, 3 pages, High School Sep 11, 21

My order was on Algebra, and I hardly believed that it was possible to complete it. My writer had only 8 hours, and I was surprised. All calculations were correct, without even a minor mistake. Thank you so much! I do appreciate your help!

Abid Khan, Boston, USA Argumentative Essay, History, 3 pages, 24 hours, High School Oct 03, 20

Wow! What an excellent essay I have received. It was thought out very well and very organized paper. Highly recommend!!!

Juanita, Portland, USA Essay, Modern Teen Literature, 5 pages, 4 days, Graduate Aug 21, 21

What a great service! I'll recommend to all my friends.

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    Here’s What Happens Final Touch Before Handing Your Essay In

    Copywriting Proofreading

    Given the amount of content that Internet-based businesses produce and publish, the number of readers/viewers can become huge. You want all of your content to be well-written, creative, and engaging. But you also want it to be grammatically correct. It is distracting to users to read text that has errors in grammar, spelling, and punctuation.

    While web content is mostly casual, it is not meant to be unpolished. Whether it is content on your website, your blog, your social media platforms, your emails, or your marketing materials, you want it to be grammatically correct.

    When you send your content over to Essay Thinker proofreaders, you will have it polished and back to you rapidly. There is no need to wait for a proofreader to find the time to review and correct our content. We can meet even the most urgent deadlines.

    Proofreading for Research Publications

    Researchers spend huge amounts of time conducting research, analyzing the results, and looking to publish that research in journals and professional publications. Before you submit your research article to a journal, you will want it to be perfectly composed.

    The solution is to send that article over to us. We have PhD editors in all research fields. We will assign the proofreading task to the right academician for editing and proofreading. When we return it to you, it will be a completely polished piece without even a comma out of place.

    If your article has been rejected for structural or grammatical errors, you should send the editor’s comments to us, so that we may review them as well, as your proofreader completes the editing and proofreading task.

    Resume and CV Proofreading

    These are documents that must be perfectly composed.

    If you have crafted a resume, CV, and/or cover letter, in anticipation of submitting it for a position opening, you need someone to proofread those documents before you send them out. Nothing gets a resume trashed faster than grammatical errors, typos, and misuse of words.

    Don’t leave such critical documents to chance. Send them over to our editors, and we will assign a grammar expert to review it, make any necessary corrections and return it to you within hours.

    Essay Thinker Is Your One-Stop Source for Proofreading

    We employ only native English-speaking, degreed professionals for our editing and proofreading services. Depending on the nature of the piece that needs proofreading, we will assign the appropriate proofreader, even if it is a highly technical or scientific paper, thesis, or dissertation.

    Whether you need a basic essay or a post-doctoral research article edited and proofread, Essay Thinker has the pro to get the job done. Our prices are reasonable, our work is fast, and we guarantee the results.

    Get in touch with us today. We know that, once you have experienced the services we provide, we will be your proofreaders for life.


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