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Colleges and universities have pretty specific academic requirements for admission consideration.

Admissions committees want to see a certain grade point average, evidence that the candidate has participated in one or more co-curricular activities of significance, and, often, a background that has included some volunteer and/or leadership experience.  In addition, there will usually be a minimum ACT or SAT score that is acceptable.  Students applying to chosen colleges will do so if they meet these basic requirements, but they must also realize that there will be more applicants than spaces available.  How, then, does and admissions committee decide among so many who have relatively comparable qualifications?  They evaluate the admission essay or essays that accompany the application, and this last item becomes the method of final screening for acceptance.

Given that so very much “rides” on the essay or essays, it is certainly normal for high school seniors to be panicked, particularly if they are unsure of their writing abilities and if they do not have options with regard to the topics of such essays.  Generally, one can expect that entrance essay writing topics are provided by the institution, and all applicants will be writing on the same topics.  This makes the competition even fiercer, and it is natural that an unconfident student would seek admission writing help from someone more skilled than s/he. 

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