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Essay Thinker is a full service writing agency. We offer academic writing services including research papers, essays, scholarship essays, lab reports, book reports, research summaries, thesis & dissertation assistance, and more. We also provide resume and copywriting services. We are happy to help with your CV or Resume. We also provide web content, blogging, press releases, and other business writing services.


You can count on us for privacy and discretion. First, we take every step to keep your personal information safe. It won’t be misused or sold to third parties. We store all data on secured servers. Your financial data is just as safe. We use a secure SSL processor for all transactions. Finally, we treat your relationship with us with absolute confidentiality.


You won’t find better writers anywhere else! Every writer we hire has an advanced degree from an accredited college or university. Our writers are native English speakers who undergo intensive screening and training before they are allowed to work for our customers. Because writers rank us among the best writing services, we attract only those who are truly the best.

Here’s What Happens What You Should Keep in Mind While Writing Dissertation

Starting the Dissertation

You know you are going to spend the next 12-18 months working on a project that you have been mentally preparing yourself for. And you probably know that there are going to be some very conflicting emotions as you attack this project – excitement, anxiety, joy, and, at times, despair.

There will be times when you stay up all night because you are “on a roll.” There will be times when you simply cannot move yourself to get to work.

You have good company – virtually every student who has produced a dissertation.

Working Hard is Only Part of the Solution

You need to work smarter too. When you hit those periods of anxiety or being stalled, it’s time to get some help. you have good company here too. It is the rare dissertation writer who does not seek help with at least some part of his dissertation.

That’s Why Essay Thinker is Here

You need to know that Essay Thinker is here for you, no matter what your dissertation help needs may be. And you need to know some very specific things about us.

  1. We Have the PhD Scholars

Over the years, we have gathered together a team of PhD academics to cover every academic research field. They have PhD’s from reputable universities; many are retired professors. All have been helping students with their dissertation for a long while now.

  1. You’ll Have Your Own Personally-Assigned PhD.

When you contact us for help, we gather the general details, the most important of which is your research field. (We also want to know exactly what type of help you need and your deadline date, of course). We use these details to find a perfect match among our PhD experts.

From this point on, you and your assistant will work together until you have exactly what you want and need.

  1. You Are in Control

You decide how little or how much help you need. Your PhD expert follows your instructions, will make suggestions, of course, but will always have your approval before moving forward. And when any piece is completed, you must give final approval, or work continues until you are 100% happy.

  1. Confidentiality is Not Optional with Us

Your identity and any work we do for you is held in the strictest confidence. We encrypt all personal data and protect it as if it were our own. No one ever need know that you have sought out help.

What Our Customers SayWhat Our Customers Say

Sarah, Pilot Knob, Missouri Paper, Law, 17 pages, 6 days, Undergraduate Jul 01, 19

I'm an untraditional student who is employed full time and raising a family. I'm going to school to improve my current situation and to be of a good influence on my kids. It gets to be a little too much sometimes. Thanks for writing a paper I can be proud of.

Steven, Tempe, US Paper, Biology, 10 pages, 5 days, Graduate Mar 24, 19

I've always struggled with the hard sciences. I needed this paper to stellar in order to get this credit. My position as a PA depended on it. Not only did I pass the class, I'm now the PA for the most respected Ancient History professor on campus!

Roy, San Francisco, USA Paper, Geography, 7 pages, 9 days, Undergraduate Mar 18, 21

This writing service is really flawless. The quality of the work done by Essay Thinker is unmatched and it has really changed my life at University for good. The professionalism, speed and work which Essay Thinker writers put into each order are extraordinary. Nothing is impossible for this group of experts! Essay is really the best writing service on earth! Thank you so much!

Junior C. Campbell, Verner, Canada Coursework, Biology, 22 pages, 12 days, Graduate Jul 16, 21

The prices are the lowest in this market. I used this service only twice, but my final exams are so close. Wait for me soon)

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    Here’s What Happens We Will Help You Accomplish Your Dissertation On Time

    Help from the Research Question Forward

    You know that nothing happens until you have formulated that research question and it has been approved by your advisor. Students ready to begin their dissertations most often have their topic area nailed down. They know what interests them. Getting that topic area narrowed to a specific research question is another matter. It usually takes a bit of research and some careful thought. Then it must be formulated into a scholarly piece.

    If you are struggling with your research question, discuss it with your assigned expert. Together, you will be able to compose one that is sure to be approved.

    Once the question is finalized the real work begins, and you can get whatever dissertation help you need throughout this process.

    1. The Research Proposal.

    This is usually the first piece that goes to your committee for approval. Your department will have guidelines for what and how to include all of the information your committee will want to see in that proposal. It’s not just a matter of presenting your research question. It will require a compelling justification of its significance to your field. You will also have to summarize the initial literature you have reviewed and explain your research design and methodology. Any of these can have flaws that committee members may be quick to point out. If you get our help, those flaws will be eliminated up front.

    1. The Literature Review.

    Finding all of the truly relevant research that has gone before you, eliminating that which is not a good fit, and being certain that no critical piece has been neglected can be a tedious process. What if you had your own expert who is “up” on all of the research in the area of your question and who can provide a listing for you. Or, if you want, our dissertation service can include writing up this chapter for you. You decide.

    1. The Design and Methodology.

    Your expert can help with your design and choice of instruments, as you are crafting your proposal. Now, it is time to put that into action. Your expert cannot do this data gathering for you. But once you have gathered it, you can get all the help you need presenting that data in both verbal and graphic form. It must be clear and free of nuisance factors or irrelevant information that may confuse readers.

    1. The Analysis and Discussion.

    Again, this can be a tricky chapter. It’s not just knowing which formulae to use; it’s a question of crunching those number correctly and then presenting the results so that they show a statistical significance. This is a common area for students to request dissertation writing help. If you need it, your expert is there for you.

    1. The Introduction and Conclusion.

    These are written at the end, of course. It takes a bit of creativity to make your introduction compelling and engaging enough for a reader to want to move forward. The conclusion must repeat the significance of what you have done, deal with any nuisance factors, and, finally, point future researchers in good directions. No need to struggle with either of these. You’ve got dissertation help at your fingertips.

    1. The Abstract.

    This is tough. You have to condense 12-18 months of work into one page. In reading the research of others, you have obviously read a lot of abstracts. If you are having difficulty with your own, turn it over to your expert. an objective party, who has written many before, can write yours too.

    Customized, Professional, and Personal – It’s What We Do

    You can expect top quality dissertation writing service from Essay Thinker. And that is exactly what you will receive. We have the PhD staff that most other writing services do not, and that is the key “edge” that we offer.

    Get in touch with our customer support department and explain your needs. We’ll take it from there.


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