Research Proposal Example

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A research proposal is a paper written by a researcher that provides a detailed explanation of the proposed program. It is an outline of the complete research process that proposes a short summary of the information that is discussed in a project. Researchers come up with a research proposal for such reasons as a means of certification; means to enter in an employment etc. Here is how your research paper format should be


Use a clear and concise statement when starting your paragraph. For instance, when writing a research proposal to join a college, give out your interests and your reasons for choosing the college.

The dependent variable

As a dependent variable in a research proposal is that response that is measured. At this stage you expound on your reasons for the writing. Here you should be able to convince your readers and be able to also answer some of the questions they might ask themselves when reading the proposal.

Synthetic literature review

A literature review will contain substantive findings as well as theoretical and methodological contributions with regards to your research proposal. Here you write a summary of your dependent variable and solve your puzzle.

Proposed explanations

Give coherent reasons in your explanations for each variable step by step.


At this stage of operationalization, give more knowledge on your dependent variable as it is that response that is measured on. Point out the way you’ll be using to measure your dependent and explanatory variables, and how you will evaluate the relationship among them.


This is where you include the most important details such as the sources you have used to gather your information. It could be secondary or primary sources. Some of the sources to use may include observation, questionnaire and interviews. Explain further the rationale you have used to analyze your sources, the procedures you used and the criteria used for evaluating the data that you have gathered.


Here you explain some of the implications that your completed research carries and make your audience understand your reasons for the implications.

Finally, you may append a bibliography.

Things to note

  • When writing your research proposal be clear and concise, use language that can be easily understood and avoid use of jargons
  • Structure your questions in a manner that your readers are able to answer
  • With all the hypothesis used, provide adequate and weighty arguments
  • It is important to use illustrations when solving your puzzle and proposed resolution to give it a clear understanding
  • Finally, make your research proposal appear relevant to the recipients.

Sample research proposal

The cover page may contain

Running Head

Page Header

Title, Author, Institution


In your introduction put across to your reader the research problem you are doing. Continue to give a brief detail of the importance of the problem you have chosen. Something you could explore is some of the questions that you ought to answer at the end of your research.

Literature review

Here you include the general background of your research problem and identify research gaps to show how your experiment can further research in the field. Make sure you include your hypothesis in this section, as well as, the independent and dependent variables.

Dependent variable

Some of the variables to be measured in regards to your research will originate from the initial stage of how you intend to collect data, through which sources etc. for example

What is the type of observation?

What is the recording method?


In this section give detailed information on the brief information given in the introduction. This portion of the proposal is broken down further into questions you need to answer.


At the implication section you may provide both negative and positive opinion on your research.


Give all references cited in your research proposal.