How to Write a Personal Statement

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Writing a personal statement

Something to understand while writing your personal statement is that it’s an opportunity to talk about what you wish to undertake. It’s therefore needed to be as effective and impressive as humanly possible. Remember that it could be used as a basis for the interview where applicable.

A personal statement is basically an academic paper so as you write it’s important if not crucial that you think in line with the subject you wish to undertake. However, some universities may want to know some things about that are more general in nature. It, therefore, gives you a chance to state in detail why you think you can be a good student.

It generally requires you to cover approximately three basic areas.

1. Why this subject?

Here you communicate your enthusiasm about the program. You need to cover exactly why you are interested in the area, the prior knowledge you are familiar with, where you see undertaking the study taking you among others. One usually starts with a short sentence that highlights why they want to enrol in that particular program. An example of such is; “I would love to undertake this program because….” 

2. Why you?

At this point, you already outlined your reasons of interest to the programmer. However, that is not enough. This is the point where you state your academic qualifications and abilities. The tutor will gage if you have the right skill to you through the programmer. At this point you need to put down and highlight evidence from; volunteer work ever undertaken, interests, academic qualifications and also your interests. State anything you have done that makes especially suitable for the program. It’s also wise to pois1e yourself as a unique and interesting individual and if you have any work experience or have undertaken a project in that particular field be sure highlighting that too. This would go a long way in making your application a success.

3. Are you interesting and unique?

Last but not write about what differentiates you from the rest of the pack. What makes you unique or interesting? At this point where you write about the things that you do or have done that add to your profile and that you would offer the university community. These usually include hobbies, sports and also things you like doing in your free time. Extracurricular activities and special achievements also make for a go a long way in showing how unique you are. If there are any special abilities or skills its best to mention them as they will also immensely help your cause.

Some common questions include:

Q1. Is it possible to write personal statements about a program if I wish to apply to different programs?  The answer to that question is pretty simple as that its yes you can but it’s harder and more tedious. You will need to comprehensively cover all aspects all the different subjects. Doing this will result in substandard work, that won’t impress anyone.

Q2.Another question usually asked is how do I express my extracurricular activities and how much should I state? On extracurricular activities, it’s to state most if not all. However, recent activities tend to be of more significance than those that are from way back.

Q3.Should the most significant things I have achieved form the bulk of my statement? The answer is yes. Anything that will make you stand is worth putting down.

In conclusion, something to remember is that there is no need to try too hard in respect to language. Simple English used well will work just fine.