Good Persuasive Speech Topics

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Best persuasive speech topics for everyone

For anyone to survive in this world today, you got to have good communication skills. Expressing yourself, to the best way possible this could be in form of artistic works, verbal or even in writing. A better way to communicate our thoughts and ideas is through word of mouth; in this case, we focus on delivery of speeches. Considering persuasive speech; for example persuasive topics

  • The need for public transport as compared to private
  • The need for education for girls

Topics that would make your speech be catchy and persuasive as you want it. Even before uttering a word, you will make people flinch at you. Being able to persuade a crowd at times can be an uphill task. That’s why we need to practice before standing in front of an audience. You need to convince them to buy what you have in hand. Use a persuasive tone to buy them all.

Firstly you need to grasp the topic in mind; the message you are to pass should be at your fingertips. Conducting a thorough research would be helpful before the presentation. The stronger the knowledge of the subject the more convincing you can be.

The subject topic should be able to be realizable in that it should be able to have an impact on the subject audience. A realization will enable your audience to ask questions, wanting to know what you’re talking about. Convincing them will be easy since they have clue on what you’re trying to pass through. Being a little a nervous is accepted, I presume even the best speakers have such a moment, doubting if they are good enough for such a drill. Sincerity being at the forefront then convincing would be a piece of cake. When passionate, nervousness will disappear without you even knowing. This will build trust and grasp the attention of the audience.

Each and every one of us has a style of presenting a speech; some may look at one point all during the delivery. I remember my dad telling me to look at the far back and not the crowd. This is to avoid distraction. But for a persuasive one then eye contact is essential. For a perfect delivery of persuasive speech keep this in mind; know your material content well, be willing to listen to your audience; their concerns and trying to incorporate such concerns in your delivery. Above all, it’s for them you’re persuading. You should also be passionate and sincere in every aspect.

Below is a list of the best persuasive speech topics

  1. Do you think driving on the wrong lane is a cause of major accidents?
  2. Should stray dogs be killed?
  3. Do you think our government can save us?
  4. Do you think Obama is a dedicated president?
  5. Do you think gays should be allowed to marry?
  6. Should the government allow genetically modified food stuff?
  7. Should students be allowed to park alongside their teachers' vehicles?
  8. Should graduates be immediately employed?
  9. Do you think marriage should be legalized at 18?
  10. Should retirement benefits be abolished?
  11. Should mortgage payments be mandatory for all?
  12. Do you think education is a must?
  13. Should Christian education be taught in schools and colleges?
  14. Should Osama and Al-Qaida followers be jailed for life?
  15. Do you think President Bush delivered more than Obama?
  16. Should medicinal marijuana be allowed for everyone?
  17. Do you think there is life on Mars?
  18. Do you think wearing a seat belt is protective?
  19. Should people with disabilities be employed in public offices?
  20. Should traffic police be allowed to carry guns?