Expository Essay Topics

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Expository essay uses facts and statistics or data from a reliable source. Students are supposed to research the topic given by finding facts about the topic. This is why an expository essay is also called a research essay. There are certain topics that college students may write.

Security Cameras Topic

Students can discuss the importance of these cameras or look at it in that it invades one's privacy.

Human Traits Discussion

Students can research on a certain trait that humans have or any idea that shows certain characters of human beings.

Explaining Ideas in Literature

Students may also be required to explain certain ideas in literature using the literature books that they read in class. They can maybe look at common issues like role of women in the ancient literature.

Green or Eco-Friendly Topics

The students can discuss the green movement that tries to improve the environment and also tries to save it from being damaged. They can discuss the methods used and ways that they can achieve their mission.

Sample Expository Essay Topics

Other samples of expository essays include:

Chorus and band essay topic

  1. Students can discuss where this music can be sold and support their argument with facts like music can be sold to people with vehicles as they listen to music as they travel.
  2. They can also talk of how music affects people
  3. They can use themselves as an example to explain how music affects them.

Geography Essay Topic

  1. College students may discuss how families move from place to place and what causes such movements.
  2. They can think of what these movements do to teenagers
  3. They can then write about the effects of these movements to teenagers or the entire family. This will require students to observe how teenagers behave especially when they undergo change. There are works by people that explain how they react and these facts can be used in this research.

Health Essay Topic

  1. Students can discuss things that people are addicted to and what shows they are addicted to these things.
  2. They can think of things they do or close people do every day.
  3. One can also use a certain age group and discuss how their heath is affected or thing that they are addicted to an example is teenagers.

Leadership Essay Topic

College students can also write expository essays on leadership where:

  1. They can discuss issues on heroes and heroines. This information on the heroes can be got from got history books and one can explain on how their characters can be adopted to help the country in their current situation.
  2. Students can also look at the current leaders and tell if they are moral leaders.
  3. Their data is supported by works that they have done and one can tell if their characters should be adopted by other leaders.

Language Essay Topic

There are also languages essay topics where:

  1. Students can discuss various languages and how people who use that language behave.
  2. They can discuss differences between people who use different languages.
  3. Their values and manners can be observed and how they relate with other people.

Math Essay Topic

  1. Students can write about math courses that can be helpful in our daily life.
  2. They can support their data by telling how they use mathematics in their daily activities
  3. Students can give examples on practical ways to use math.

Science essay topic

Science essay topics can be used to maybe explain:

  1. Why you cannot visit a certain country, you can get to explain about waves
  2. They can get actual data about wave’s action
  3. They can then explain the wave’s action in that country.

Social Studies Essay Topic

College students can also write expository essays on social studies topic:

  1. They can explain how people communicate using various signs like facial expressions, voice inflexion or even body postures.
  2. The essay can explain how these signals send a contradictory message to people.
  3. They can also write examples of those conflicting messages.