Descriptive Essay

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With regards to descriptive essays, they strive to create that vivid experience and picture for the reader. By employing detailed findings, observations and on point descriptions the writer creates the emotional effect on the reader.

What do you want to describe?

Having a descriptive essay to write, it’s important to know what exactly you are to describe. What is it that is in mind that you want to tell it out step by step? Often, descriptive essays will focus on a few; a person, a memory, an object, a place, an experience, just something that can be told to someone in a more elaborated way.

Why are you writing your descriptive essay?

Having a moment to describe what you feel from the inside is the best feeling. It’s also creative to just write your mind out. Some unique observations never noticed may be sown when written down. In fact, it has been proved that as compared to expressing it by word of mouth writing your thoughts tend to be broader.

Having a focus on what you are describing will help you describe it in the best way. You won’t go out of the subject content if you got a purpose in mind.

How should you write your description?

It’s a descriptive essay, with this, it’s to show rather than tell. A famous saying goes “show don’t tell”. As you write down your essay, your content should be ‘showing’ rather than ‘telling’. Consider an example;

  • I grow younger each year.
  • As I tried to climb the ladder, my back felt kind of aching, I felt like not willing to take another step upwards.

The first sentence can simply ‘tell’ as an individual I am growing older. The aching of my back tells it to you. The second one is ‘showing’, even if not straightforward, as a reader you can see that the writer is weak, growing old to mean.

When creating that emotional moment, that vivid description, you got to incorporate the five senses, that is; sight, touch, sound, taste, and smell. Focusing on these five senses will enable the reader to craft the mental depiction of what you’re describing. Description is all about the five senses, without them then all is in vain.

Quick tips for writing your descriptive essay

It’s a one in a lifetime experience, being able to write your mind in blue and black.

Planning your descriptive essay:

  • What exactly do you have in mind?
  • The reason behind your writing?
  • What qualities are you basing your essay?
  • Who will be interested in your facts?

Drafting your descriptive essay:

  • How have you incorporated the five senses; touch, smell, touch, sight and taste? So important they are especially when drafting the essay, they enable you as the writer to create a descriptive atmosphere and texture. 
  • What will you include to develop that image/picture that your reader desires most?
  • What styles will you employ to bring that vivid impression your audience is waiting?

Revising your descriptive essay:

  • Is your grammar to the set standards?
  • Is your content able to make the reader create that vivid picture of your description?
  • Have you used the correct words, descriptive in nature to develop your essay?
  • Is each aspect of description defined in each and every paragraph of your essay?
  • Have you arranged your work in an appropriate manner and effective way to enable the reader to read through easily?
  • Are there any incidences of plagiarism? At times you just can’t tell if you have used the same words as another writer elsewhere! It happens and precautions need to be taken.