Controversial Essay Topics

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A controversial topic one can write an essay on simply refers of is about those outstanding issues that were controversial in the traditional sense. Essays which generate high tense and rigorous debates are called controversial due to this very overwhelming nature. These thereby have a very big attention span in the society today. The education curriculum currently gives a lot of emphasis on this controversial essay. This is due to the very overwhelming debates each of them is able to singularly generate. This is able to gauge the different and varied opinions of the members of our society. The range of these topics are varied and include such issues as politics, religion trends, fashion, and beliefs are some of the most popular topics that generate a lot of controversy in all parts of the world. It’s common to come across these topics in most of our essays.

In Nature

  • The topics discussed are of a very disputable nature.
  • The opinions floated in these debates are very different.
  • Myths contribute to these varied opinions among different people.
  • The answers given are not always perfect without a degree of doubt.

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Prominent writers

Famous writers have sometimes delved into the writing of some essays which generate a lot of debate and controversy. These include

  • Abhay
  • K. Agarwal

Controversial Essay topics

  • Does educating students on sex have any necessity in our schools?
  • Should schools allow cell phones?
  • Advantages and disadvantages of the various family systems that exist.
  • Does smoking need to be permanently banned? 
  • India’s dowry system.
  • Should the caste system be eradicated in India?
  • Do all corrupt politicians deserve to be hanged?
  • Implications of article 370
  • Should the use of slang as a language in our schools be banned?
  • Is every superstition indeed scientific in nature?
  • Should playboy magazine receive a ban?
  • Should student get sex education from school magazines?
  • Does one who is mentally disabled receive the capital punishment?
  • Has science been a blessing or has it been a curse?
  • Are all Bollywood actresses prostitutes?
  • Do terrorists deserve an instant hanging?
  • Politics and the use of violence as a weapon.
  • Cultural heritage as opposes to the western one.
  • Do all nuclear weapons need to be wiped out?
  • Does the world need to remove Afghanistan from its map?
  • How the press has mislead people
  • Should a minor get sex education?
  • Should abortion finally be legalized?
  • What penalties should all those advertisers who go about this unethically get?
  • Having sex with a HIV positive individual.
  • Does the government need to take control of the media?
  • Does America need to ban all its hell prisons?
  • Does twitter deserve to be permanently banned by the government?
  • Is the culture from the west a catalyst for divorce?
  • Which software company dazzles IBM or Microsoft?
  • Does prostitution need to be finally legalized?
  • Do minors need to be finally allowed to marry?
  • How politicians facing rape cases should be handled?
  • Is it time to finally legalize cloning?
  • Should the use of steroids in body building be allowed?
  • The advantages of an exclusive sex school
  • Do beauty pergents exploit models?
  • Do parents have any idea on all their kids’ predators on the internet?
  • Are atomic bombs necessary for the maintenance of world peace?
  • Do cell phones have any danger with their use?
  • Is the world today over reliant on the internet?

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