Compare and Contrast Essay Topics

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Compare and contrast essays are also one of the common and big types of essay writings done by students. Though they tend to bring some confusion among them, compare and contrast are two different words with different meaning. In ordinary language comparing two things is when you state the similarities owned by the two items. While using the contrast means talking about the differences between the two items.

When writing a compare and contrast essay you could first begin with stating the similarities and then to the next section state the differences between the two words.

Here are some of the compare and contrast examples you could write on

Writing an email vs. using the post office

With such a topic you could start out by giving the similarities with which both cases your parcel or letter will be delivered to the recipient. In contrast the use of a post office your letter will be delivered later after few days unlike with the email which is instant.

This is a great topic for students to explore the rapid changes of technology to other traditional forms.

Watching a movie at home vs. watching a movie at the theatre

With this topic watching movie at the cinema and at home has no much difference since the movie will be watched at the same time and message passed, but to contrast on the topic watching a movie at the cinema with your friends is more interesting, with a huge crowd you are kept in that movie mood unlike when watched from home it tends to be boring though its much cheaper.

A public vs. a private university

This topic best suits students at the university level. Though the same syllabus is taught students at the private university will argue out that they are given much attention, unlike the public universities which are highly congested. This topic can also be used in a debating club among students from the public and private universities.

Disposal diapers vs. cloth napkins

Another best topic to be presented at the debate level. This a topic you could research on with asking the mothers the best package between the two and some of the differences they have. Some of the similarities to include in your essay will be how the diaper and the napkin both do the same work. On the contrast, section will talk of how the disposal diaper saves time and is very convenient especially when attending outdoor functions for both the toddler and the mother.

Advice from your mum vs. advice from your dad

This is a good topic for the teens who sought advice from both parents. When writing an essay point out the similarities with the advice that most cases will be the advice to lead a good straight life, avoiding peer pressure etc. with the contrast part a mother would give advice in a gentle manner while a dad gives it harshly and firmly.

Life at your family home vs. life at your own place

A wonderful topic for those aspiring to have a house of their own and living independently. When written as an essay you could point out the similar challenges you have at your family house and the same challenges that occur while living on your own. On the contrast, part bring out the magnificent difference on living on your own.

When you have decided the best topic to suit your compare and contrast essay, start first by writing the common similarities between the two items, jot them down roughly. Then afterwards note out the differences a make a different list.