College Essay Topics

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College essays are an important mark as we prepare to join the college industry. For students who inspire to enrol in a certain college, passion is always revealed when writing a college essay. College essays are written by students when applying for a college and the essays can make your application successful or be rejected. Therefore you have to write a perfect college essay to get accepted to the college.

When writing your college essay avoid making mistakes as it’s the ticket to get to the college of your dreams, be specific about yourself. Here you could talk about your unique qualities and the best reasons why you should be accepted to the college. Try as much to portray your character in your essay as it could just be your winning factor. Let them weigh your character just before they get to see you. Before you hand in your college essay check on your grammar, proofread and get rid of any small mistakes that may cause you to be rejected at the college.

Whatever topic you choose, your essay should be compelling enough and be apart from the choppy and uninteresting essays that end up in the rejection bin.

What are good essay topics?

It’s quite a challenge to choose an interesting topic to fit your college essay. College essay topics could be given to you by the college staff member or you can individually choose a topic and write on. When the college gives you a topic, it’s good to do a detailed research on it, and apply your interests while writing the essay. Try to understand what they want and put it to writing

When you have that opportunity to choose your own topic its time to exhaust all your points in your essay as you are fully aware of what you are writing about. Some of the questions you might consider in your paper may include

  • Your interests, skills, hobbies and any extracurricular activity that you are best in at the college
  • The events you have attended
  • The challenges you face and those that you have overcome to get to where you are
  • Things that make you move on and want to achieve your goals

Finding ideas for your school essay topic

Ideas you portray on your college essay will either speak much or less about you. Therefore it is important for you to take your time when writing. Think of great ideas that will make you be accepted without much thought. The time duration for writing your essay is also another important factor when you have a deadline for your college essay it's good if you worked carefully to deliver it on time. Where you have enough time to write here are some questions you may ponder over.

  • Interests and likes
  • People behind your decisions and who have influenced your goals.
  • Volunteer or community work you have participated in, that helps to draw a good picture to your audience.
  • Your former teachers and mentors who you look up to
  • Your extracurricular activities. Things you do that have nothing to do with school.

Examples of college assigned essay topics.

When you take on a topic be sure to convince your audience. Pick on a topic you could explore all around.

For instance, when you choose to talk about the biggest risk you have ever taken. Expound more on the risk, how it changed your life whether negatively or positively. With the more information, you let out your readers get convinced that truly you are a risk taker.