Classification and Division Essay

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Classifications essays require students to analyze information critically and organize different categories relating to the classification topic selected. After observing the initial steps it becomes easier to put the information into respective elements of the writing.

Simple how-to for effective classification:

  • Compile all the things into practical categories
  • Use a single organizing principle for your categories
  • Give relevant examples that will fit into each category

Defining categories

This is the first step you undertake when doing any classification, not just about essay but every task or writing that involves proper organization. For instance when given a topic to write a classification essay on starting to think of the basis of categories to use e.g. types of computers. Before writing chose the basis you will use to categorize the computers. Some suggestions that you may use include categorizing them according to the year of invention, functions or their capabilities. Afterwards, use a similar theme and give more information on each type of computer.

Classification essay: Thesis Statement

The thesis statement of your classification essay could include the topic and the different categories you have come up with.

How to compose an effective essay

Determine the categories

Having been given a classification topic to write on, first analyze the basis to use then put them into specific categories. Chose the best category and do a thorough research to find evidence to back up your arguments or strong points. For instance, if you are writing on the reality TV shows aired in America, pick your preferred category to use throughout your essay. Narrow down to reality TV shows in America only without mentioning reality shows from other cities.


Classify by a single principle

Stick to the principle you start with from the categorizing step. Diversion of principles may lead to some confusion when you are writing the essay. For instance when writing about television comedies, may either be international or local. If you have categorized comedies on the local view don’t try to divert your principle and mix with the international comedies as that change your earlier category.

Support your categories with relevant examples

Each category should contain the same importance and be of the same quantity. Use the matching number of examples for each. That promotes uniformity and some neatness in your work.

Here are a few examples of classification topics you could use to write an essay:

  • Road trips
  • Dancing styles
  • Video games
  • Stand-out comedians
  • Reality shows in the USA
  • Award-winning Talk-show hosts

How to develop and organize a classification essay

The guide below will enable you to get your starting points, what to include in the introduction, body and conclusion element of your essay.

Introductory paragraph

Here give brief information on your topic. If you are for instance writing on a topic, talk-show hosts, you may have decided to narrow it down to award-winning talk show hosts and leave out the other hosts who have never received awards. Since it is the first paragraph make it interesting for your readers to enjoy through and lastly make a thesis statement for your topic.

Example of an introductory paragraph

It is on a Sunday afternoon everyone is dressing up beautifully and elegant to get to the red carpet event. Journalists are all over interviewing some of the celebrities at the event while we can also see others big fans getting signatures and others struggling to get inside the venue. Most of the visitors are dressed in the famous Oprah, Naomi Campbell and Tyra Banks t-shirts. The best and popular award-winning hosts.

Body paragraph

Begin to expand more on the categories you have come up with. You may choose to start from the most familiar or least important category. Make sure to follow the order you have used with the thesis statement.

For instance, three talk show hosts describe what makes them look different from another character and quality wise. You may start with your best then finish with your worst.

Such comparisons:

  • provide smooth transitions from one paragraph to the next
  • reveal the sympathies of the writer.

Concluding paragraph

In your conclusion draw together the reasons you have used to classify them in the order you find best. You may also mention which one stands out to be the best and give reasons.

Revise your essay

Go through what you have been writing, ensure you have stated the right categories and concluded well with your essay