Creating APA Annotated Bibliographies

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Though most of the writers use APA 5th edition manual. Here are some of the guidelines you should follow when writing annotated bibliographies using the APA format 6th edition.

  • When you start writing your annotated bibliography citation in current APA format and Annotation should be included.
  • The citation usually comes first then it’s followed by the annotation.
  • An annotation gives a brief about your work, therefore, it should have several sentences summarizing the points found in your article. The annotation you write depends on the number of readers you want to read your article.
  • Make it interesting and should have all the important points found in your document but avoid writing a very long annotation. If you have a longer annotated bibliography, it is appropriate to divide into sections or subtopics and to title those sections as seems fitting.

Sample of an annotated bibliography

United nations Africa report (2007) the United Nations Africa report document Africa, Africa: author

The United Nations an organization that watches out for any violation of human rights all over the world presents a new documentary about a previous research on Africa and its countries. This document contains a report that is featured with the major challenges facing Africa development and its stability. The author has shared with you full findings of the report on why Africa tends to depend on the first world countries for its development of the economy. This is a helpful source for getting an overview of how Africa as a continent highly depends on the western countries.

American surgery center (2011). The ASC guide retrieved from https//

The American surgery center has created its own guide for surgery process. With the increasing number of patients who are demanding for surgery in America, the American surgery center has found it wise to make patients aware of the advantages and disadvantages of performing a surgery through this guide. The guide contains the safe surgeries to be performed and the risky surgeries. It further goes ahead to explain face surgery very common with ladies and its effects. This guide is good material for everyone aspiring for a surgery or is already under surgery.

Beauty point organization (2012) Beauty point handbook on the revealed secrets of beautiful African women. Africa. Author

Beauty point organization has finished a research it was carrying out on the beauties of Africa. This is just an additional work on the very many revealed secrets of African women. In this document get more enticing and mouth blowing secrets of beauty including the green medicine for applying on your face, the magic waters and other healthy ways to become a beauty naturally without chemical inclusive. This is just the perfect handout for people dealing with beauty products and its accessories.

Kalamashaka music production (2000) kalamashaka article on its music production offers. https//

Kalamashaka is a music production house rated among the best selling house. It is popularly known to the top celebrities in the music industry. In their article from the above site find the best offers it gives to new and aspiring musicians. In it also get more ways and secrets of becoming the best musician. This article is of much help to the young boys and girls who are out to start their music goals.


From the sampled annotations above we could sample out references of the books and handouts

United nations Africa report (2007)

American surgery center (2011)

Article with no authors names


https// (2012)