Analysis Essay

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Essay writing needs skills and utmost concentration for you to come up with a writing that your audience will understand and stick to their mind. Below are steps and format to follow when writing an interesting analysis essay.

Step 1


Prewriting in most of the writing process will come first. Prewriting entails planning of how your analysis essay will be.First, you come up with an interesting idea or research you would like to write on. Ensure your idea is complemented by your audience, purpose and tentative thesis.

Step 2


After you have a perfect prewrite, its time to organize it into something more valuable and get rid of the irrelevant points. At this stage the few strong points that you come up with will help you when making the body element in your analysis essay. The body element is always the longest paragraph and gives more information about a topic. Keep in mind that the few strong points you pick will reflect in the body of your essay.

Step 3

Points of support

Study your main points and create the best, interesting and pursuing statements to accompany each point. Here the main points we are talking about are the few you picked in step 2. Сonstruct ф few mind-blowing sentences that are key for your main message, addressees and purpose in your essay.

Step 4


Reorganizing your few statements should take a few minutes as initially, your sentences should be in a flowing manner. Put the best statements at the beginning and others to come last. Reorganization is about order and if your points are presented in a disorderly manner, your analysis essay will not flow consequently the audience will drift away.

Step 5


Every piece of academic writing has a draft, even the best article writers come up with the draft and then the final copy.  When coming up with an analysis essay a draft is very important, it enables you to notice mistakes and also new ideas spring up which are to be applied in the final copy.

Step 6


Transition involves creating some bridges to link up your supporting ideas so your readers’ thoughts can flow smoothly from one party to another. Draft out few ideas and write the best that support and link up your points.

Step 7

Working thesis

A working thesis is a statement that will make your analysis essay establish a connection between your main thought and your audience. In a way, you are compelling your reader to read by getting a connection between him to your text. Let your analysis essay sway the mind of the reader to get to the point where your idea is being reflected on his mind.

Step 8

A second draft

On the earlier draft present are the points of support, transition bridges and leadoff sentences. With that in mind you can use it to make a second draft a complete version of your analysis essay. Make three main paragraphs the introductory, body and conclusion or closure paragraph. Match your version with each paragraph, for instance starting with the introductory paragraph will contain an introductory like version. The strongest points to the body and summary-like version to the closure paragraph

Step 9

Rewrite for Third Draft

Here take time to read what is in the second draft which you think might just be the end of your writing. Run through to ensure what you are reading can be understood clearly by the audience. Make it clear and concise. Watch for few grammatical errors that can put your readers off and ensure all the paragraphs are smoothly flowing and connecting in their order from the introductory to the closure paragraph.

Step 10


Editing could be even more time consuming than the writing process. Here you need to go through each sentence one by one, stop if you think it’s not making any sense and rewrite it again. Read also aloud to take note of few errors that come up.