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Revision Policy

Our goal is for every client to be 100% satisfied with a delivered piece of writing.

And we are proud to state that we will do whatever is necessary to achieve that satisfaction. Occasionally, there may be a need for a client to request revision to a delivered work, and our policy for that is as follows:

  1. Your directions for revision should not deviate from the substance of the original order.  For example, if your original order specified 5 references, and you are requesting a revision that includes an additional reference, that revision deviates from the original order.  In this case, there will be an additional charge for the revision.  Please contact a customer support professional to discuss revision cost.
  2. If your revision request does not deviate from the original order, the revision shall be made without additional charge.
  3. A revision request may be made within 7 days of order receipt.  If a revision request comes after the 7-day period, there will be an additional charge.  Please contact a customer service representative to discuss the charge details.
  4. A client has the right to request another writer to complete the revisions.  We are happy to comply with such a request.

Again we want our customers to be completely satisfied with our work and our service, and we will complete revisions until that satisfaction is reached!